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        Dental implants are the replacement of lost teeth by using titanium material that we call “implants”.  which has a special feature that is strong and can be safely connected to the human bone  can therefore be taken as part of dentures both fixed and removable effectively and causing confidence and beauty close to natural teeth And it's the best way to replace teeth nowadays.
          What happens after tooth loss when we lose teeth  There will be an imbalance in the occlusion system.  Especially teeth that are adjacent to the gap or teeth opposite to that gap.  Will fall or protrude into the gap, causing many problems to follow.

ทำไมรากฟันเทียม ต้อง YDC
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Advantages of dental implants

  1. have natural beauty The kind that can be seen with the naked eye is quite indistinguishable.

  2. Strong, works as close to natural teeth as possible  and provide full occlusion strength to chew thoroughly good for the digestive system

  3. Helps prevent dissolution of bone ridges The face does not collapse until it looks old.

  4. There is no need to trim adjacent teeth to make crowns.

  5. Easy to clean, like natural teeth, you can brush or floss easily.

  6. Increase confidence in daily life or socializing for you

Do dental implants hurt a lot?

If the doctor says it doesn't hurt The patient did not dare to believe. So let's listen to the patients and real users of the clinic who give answers :) 

many missing teeth But I can't do dental implants for the whole mouth..

Joint dental implants to help support dentures It is another option as well. 

How does CT SCAN help in implantation?

Is it necessary to do it?


complex case Bone implants and sinus elevations are required. but the doctor can


Did you know that only 2 implants can fill the entire mouth? And many questions that many people wonder. No teeth at all. How many implants do I need to wear?


Examples of some works

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