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VENEER  dental veneer

Veneers are esthetic dentistry that can be used to correct abnormalities in tooth shape, tooth color, and (minor) tooth alignment.

Resin composite

  • Advantages - Low cost and can be repaired efficiently without having to rework the parts.

  • Disadvantages - over time, the color of the resin The composite will change. and reduced luster It can be fixed by doing it again.

Porcelain/ceramic (porcelain/ceramic)

  • Pros - higher quality. It has high resistance to breakage. No change in color and dimension Does not stick to various color stains such as tea, coffee and cigarette beverages, shiny throughout the service life. The material is compatible with the tissues around the teeth, keeping the gums healthy and not prone to plaque build-up.

  • Disadvantages - Price is higher than others. and takes more time than composite (from the first day of seeing the doctor takes about 2-3 weeks)

ydc composite veneer.jpg
ydc ceramic veneer

What is cosmetic dentistry? Let's listen to the doctor.

How many types of Veneers are there and how are they different?

What kind of tooth problems can Veneer fix?

veneer วีเนียร์.jpg

cost of treatment

Composite Veneer       Starting at 4,000 baht / tooth

All Ceramic Veneer       Starting at 12,000 baht / tooth

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